Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh
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Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh

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Stainless Steel Baskets Wire Mesh & Wire Products
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Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh :

Stainless Steel Square Mesh Manufactured upto 600 Mesh in all metals and sizes as per ISS, BSS, ASTM, DIN, TYLER, and Customer’s Specification.

Stainless Steel Dutch Weave :
Popularly Know as Hollander Mesh. Used for Fine/Micron Sieving. Twill Dutch Weave, Five-shaft Weaves are also mfdd.

Stainless Steel Double Crimped Mesh :
Accurate & Consistent Square & Rectangular Opening from 3 / 8″ to 4″ with Wire Rods upto 20mm in Stainless Steel, Spring Steel, High Carbon High Tensile, G.I. & M.S. Wire etc.

Stainless Steel Vibrating Screen Cloth :
Custom made from Coarge to Fine Appertures made with Abrasion – Resistant Spring Steel, Stainless Steel, High Carbon High Tensile, G.I., Mild Steel Wire etc. with or with-out Edge – Preparation.

Stainless Steel Dovex Screen :
Flat Smooth Screening Surface. Un-Interrupted Flow of Materials results Higher Productivity & Longer Durability Serpa-Harp & other Harp also Manufactured.

Stainless Steel Rectangular Screen Cloth :
The Greater Percentage Screening Area makes smooth Flow & Lesser Clogging giving higher productivity. Various Type of Edge – Preparations can be done.

Stainless Steel Perforated Sheets :
Round hole upto 2 ” (50mm) in sheet Thickness upto 10mm in Stainless Steel, CRCA, M.S, SAILMA, Aluminium, Nylon etc. Our Speciality: “Imaginative – Hole & Close Pitch.”

Stainless Steel Punched Screen :
Oblong Punched Slots are made in Alternative & Parallel Rows, Diagonal, Harringbone, Rectangular, Semi-Circle, Crescent Slots or any Special Slots are also manufactured.

Stainless Steel Perforated Sieves :
Square Sieve are alternate to square Wire Mesh due to longer Durability. Request for any Pitch & Un-Perforated Area.

Stainless Steel Chainlink Fencing :
Manufactured in PVC Coated (Anti-Corrosive & Colourful), G.I, Stainless Steel, wire with 6″ to 1/8″ Mesh any width & length with Knuckled Edges.

Stainless Steel Hexgonal (Chicken) Netting :
Produced in 2″, 1 1/2 ,1″, 3/4″, 1/2″ Mesh made of G. I. Stainless Steel etc. in Standard Sizes.

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Fabrics :
Square & Rectangular Welds at regular intervals in Mild Steel , G.I., Stainless Steel, Angular Welded Grids are also fabricated.

Stainless Steel Wire Conveyor Belts :
Multiple Weaves Beltings for Heavy Load Conveying & Fine Apperture its uniqueness High-Temperature Wire Belts also manufactured.

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belts :
Transverse Wire Shaped & Linked Together for Light Converying Specially in Food, Electronic Industries etc.

Stainless Steel Demister Pads (Knit Mesh) :
Seperate Mist & Entrained Liquid from any Gas Flow. Demsters are made from Knitted Mesh of Stainless Steel, Monel,G.I, Teflon, Polyrolene etc. Grids of S.S. firmly Secure the Pad.

Stainless Steel Expanded Metal (Grating) :
Diamond Shaped Apperture in Sheet Metal of M.S Stainless Steel, G.I, Aluminium, Copper, Titanium from 1/16″ to 3″ Mesh Gratings are also fabricated.

Stainless Steel Test Sieves :
Sieves as per ISS, BSS, ASTM, DIN, Tyler Specification upto finest Mesh. & Micron Mesh. Lid & Receiver also available. Request fro Sieved-Shaker Machine (Automatic) Ro-Tap Motion.

Stainless Steel Gabbion Box / Crates :
Gabbion Box or Crates are Double
Twisted Hexagonal Type and Double Knotted Square Type Wire Mesh. These are made usually of 100 MM Aperture with 3 MM Galvanised Wire or PVC Coated Wire. The Size of the Box and Inside Partition Varies as per individual requirement.Gabbion Box or Crates are filled with Bolders to form a required structure especially for Retaining walls, River valley Projects, Hills & Tracks, Anti Erosion Soil Project, Water-Shed Hill Project, Highway & Road Project, Construction Projects etc.

Stainless Steel Concertima Barbed Tape Razor Coil :
Concertima Barbed Tapor Razor Coil is made of Galvanised Strip 0.5 MM Thick with core wire Galvanised Spring Steel High Tensile Wire 12 SWG. It is manufactured in coil / Dia size of 610 to 1050 MM, which is stretchable.Concertima Coil is the latest & very effective mode of security fencing. Razor Sharp Blades make it impossible for Tresspassers, Thieves, Animals etc to tresspass or scale the Protected Area. Most ideal for High Security & Safety for Border Area, Sensitive Zones, Military Area, Industrial & Domestic Places.