Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

Stainless Steel Wire Baskets
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Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

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Stainless Steel Baskets Wire Mesh & Wire Products
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Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

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Introduction : Welded Wire Fabrics are manufactured in Sheets or Rolls forms and are available in rectangular or square mesh opening.

Material of Construction : Mild Steel, Bright Annealed Mild Steel, Galvanised Steel and Stainless Steel wires.


Width : Available upto 2.5 metres width

Wire Dia. : 0.5 mm to 2 mm for fine applications in Stainless Steel, Bright Annealed Mild Steel or Galvanised Steel 2 mm to 6 mm for heavy applications in Mild Steel or Galvanised Steel

Spacings (Mesh Opening) : 5 mm x 5 mm to 50 mm x 50 mm opening for fine application 25 mm x 25 mm to 150 mm x 150 mm or 70 mm x 300 mm opening for heavy application

Quality : Welded Wire Fabrics comply with British and/or ASTM standard specifications.


  • Special application for glass reinforcement (wired glass) and brake linings
  • As re-inforcement in cement concrete applications like underground cement pipes, sewarage, dams, roads etc.
  • General purpose applications like fencing, window grills, partition, safety guards for machinery, poultry cages etc.